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A DESIGNER’S HOME – An Interior Designer’s Wishlist

A DESIGNER’S HOME – An Interior Designer’s Wishlist

As an interior designer, it is always exciting to start a new project, particularly if the project is your own apartment!  I can’t emphasise the importance of a wishlist enough.  It keeps you grounded and helps to set priorities (unless you have an unlimited budget – alas not me!)

Go through the rooms one by one and try to imagine yourself living in your new home.  Rope in all the members of the family so that the list incorporates everyone’s wishes too.

Our family is a what is today called a “blended one”.  It’s me, my partner Chris, our nine year old son Maxx, our little dog Gianni and our very old cat Chloe.  Chloe was a rescue, so we aren’t sure of her age, but she must be hitting twenty.  Her priority is a place to sleep and a place to eat so she’s really not a problem!

Everyone’s wishlist is different – this is ours: