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The garden of this townhouse typically leads off from the kitchen and living room.  Our brief was to transform the space from an uninspiring exterior area to a relaxing entertainment area for this young family.

At Kristine Bonnici Design, we firmly believe that every space in the house, whether internal or external, should work together to create a cohesive design.  When designing the exterior space, we proposed a number of changes to the interior, so that the space flowed naturally into the garden.  The back facade of the house was removed so that the natural light flowed into the living space.  The garden was completely gutted to make way for our proposed design.

The limited space in the existing layout was further reduced by a staircase leading directly to a basement garage, and a large rocky corner fishpond.  The clients wanted to incorporate a barbecue area and pizza oven, as well as a dining and sitting area.  We roofed over part of the staircase to create a cooking platform that now houses both the bbq and the bright red pizza oven.  This cooking area allowed us to use the entire garden for entertainment.

We wanted to further extend the visual footprint of the garden, and we used decking on the walls to frame the water feature and blur the distinction between wall and floor.  The area beneath the dining table was turfed to simulate a green carpet.  The table can also be easily wheeled into a corner so that the turfed area becomes a soft play area for the couple’s young child.   The water feature in the garden was designed to become the focal point of the house and is immediately visible upon entry into the home both during the day and when it is lit up at night.  This water feature draws the eye into the garden, also effectively extending the space in the interior of the house.

White furniture was used throughout to provide a sharp contrast with the warm timber decking.  Careful attention was paid to the lighting, with a mix of ambient, accent and task lighting at different levels.  Metallic accessories were selected to add a glint and twinkle to the candlelit atmosphere.