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med-aesthetic clinic, gym, juice bar, day-spa, hair salon, nail bar and academy

An individual concept was designed for this med-aesthetic clinic, drawing inspiration from the dandelion.  This flower has long been used as a mystical symbol of hope and its ethereal wispy puffballs signify a wish for something better.   Our concept for the interior unites a beautifully designed space with med-aesthetic treatments that go beyond the ordinary.

The space preceding the front door to the salon signifes a “crossing over” to a place where clients can leave their everyday lives behind and where they can aspire to greater physical and mental wellbeing. A dark ambience provides contrast to the open, light reflective space in the reception.

The main focal point for the interior is a chandelier designed by Kristine Bonnici and commissioned by artisans in Murano.  This chandelier is placed beneath the skylight to add magic and sparkle to the space.  Individual glass strands of dandelion seeds were also designed to float away from the main chandelier and provide lighting over the reception desk.

The six-metre long reception desk is also a handcrafted piece that was custom designed for the space.  The highly polished facets were designed to create interesting light and shadows.  It is set off by a living green wall that immediately speaks of the high esteem we place on the environment.

The hair salon area provided its own challenges and we did not want to place long hairdressing tables that are traditionally found in salons.  Instead, we designed round work stations that accommodate two clients. This unusual solution to the space was further emphasised by the elliptical light pendants creating soft pools of light over each table.

The long nail bar was designed to be functional and to contrast with the relaxing raised pedicure area.  Long linear light fittings fixed above the nail bar emphasise the length of the tables and contrast with the circular styling stations. The same light fittings were used over the nail bar, where a large-format custom wallpaper is the only touch of colour in this predominantly white space.

The med-aesthetic centre was designed to allow clients to follow their treatment programme in a private, relaxing space. Treatment rooms were finished in the same monochromatic colour used throughout the spa.  Soft candlelight adds to the ambience in the rooms.

The gym is located at the front of the clinic, and is equipped with state-of-the-art machines.  The same concept was adapted to a more industrial feel with timber floors, exposed ceilings and metal light fittings.

The Juice Bar is located in the centre of the reception and is designed to be client-centric while embodying the philosophy of the conept.  It is designed as the place where clients meet to discuss their treatments

Our philosophy is to create cohesive corporate designs that work.  We design individual concepts for each business, working with our clients to create a unique space that reflects their brand.  We work together to find solutions that will ensure we attract the right clientele, and we strive to do our utmost to ensure the success of your business venture.