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At Kristine Bonnici Design, most of our work comes from recommendations and repeat clients, and following the design of our client’s home, we were entrusted with the design of the interior of their legal offices in Valletta.

The façade of this baroque building was relatively untouched by time, however, the interior had undergone a number of structural changes.  Our concept for this space was a contemporary white interior that contrasts sharply with the imposing stone façade.  The existing front door was painted in the bright red corporate colour of the legal firm and upon opening this magnificent front door, the all white floor, walls and furniture are a source of surprise and make the most of the limited natural light.

The furniture was custom designed and incorporates floor to ceiling archiving cupboards, work-stations and hot desks.  A touch of walnut was included as a focal point in the partner’s office and added in little touches throughout the interior.

A photograph of the firm’s flagship offices was used as wallpaper and installed in the reception foyer.  This trompe l’oeil image opens up the space and immediately makes the space seem larger.

A small courtyard houses the canteen and break out area for the staff to enjoy their lunch in the dappled sunlight of our capital city, while a fully equipped training room lies beyond.

Carefully thought out details, contrast, and an element of surprise ensures that the staff work in a place that looks good and functions well.