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The owners of this beautiful house had been living in the property for a number of years, adding rooms and new spaces throughout their time there.  As a result, this sprawling property lacked a cohesive feeling and many of the rooms were not being used to their full potential. We were called in to create an elegant, cohesive, opulent look that seamlessly blends the old with the new.

On entry into the house, we added three large crystal chandeliers, which shimmer and sparkle to great effect and lead the eye to the large garden beyond.   We selected a few heirloom pieces of antique furniture for their elegant proportions and lustrous patina and placed them around the space in order to emphasise the width and generous proportions of the hallway.

A large square, high-ceilinged room overlooking the garden was given a new lease of life as a bright contemporary living room, using creams, olive green and burnt orange to add accents of colour.  The large doorway looks onto a stunning waterfall that is reflected into the room by the large mirror backing the cream leather sofa.  Curtains were deliberately kept light and airy so that the garden becomes an integral part of the interior.  Large table lamps and a remarkable light fitting that resembles a droplet of water were strategically placed to add warmth to this space.  This is the family’s relaxation area and state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment was selected to complement this light-filled living room.

In contrast, the sitting room was designed for evening entertainment.  The inspiration behind this room was the clients’ beautiful antique statue of the Madonna clad in her original gold and blue cloak.  The rustic rubble stone fireplace was removed and we designed a limestone surround made up from salvaged architectural elements.  The result is a fireplace that is sympathetic to the architecture of the house.   The furniture was symmetrically placed on either side of the fireplace so that this immediately becomes the focal point of the room.   In contrast, sofas were placed slightly off-centre to add interest to the scheme and also to make the room appear more spacious.  The low sofas were custom designed with clean lines to counter balance the opulence of the rest of the interior.

Antique gold in various shades and tones dominates the space.  The lightest tone is the marble flooring, while dark antique gold fabric covers the sofas.  Spun gold sheers and dark gold silk curtains to frame the large window. Elegant hand-painted furniture was designed to complement the room.   The distressed finish of the furniture blends seamlessly with the heirloom pieces and the art on the walls.  The two chairs in one corner of the room and the cabinet were hand-painted in shades of blue, grey and cream and the chairs were upholstered in a aqua blue silk to mirror the blue of the Madonna’s cloak.  The result is an opulent, elegant room that complements the architecture of the house and lends itself perfectly to the clients’ lifestyle.

The dining room is also designed around the clients’ love for entertainment and the large table extends easily to seat ten guests.  The same gold tones used in the sitting room were again used in the dining room, this time toned down with cream linens to soften the look.

The wedgewood blue walls of the study are the perfect backdrop for the art, pottery and sculpture in this room, while cream chairs and a small table create the perfect area for informal meetings.   A large library in black and walnut gives this room a masculine edge that is softened by the grey and silver fabric used for both curtains and upholstery.

The elegant room with cream and blue cushions was dubbed ‘the utility room’ on plan.  This is because the large fitted cupboard in the corner hides the laundry area of the house.    This small sitting room is dotted with sculptural ceramics and oversized table lamps and doubles up as a guest bedroom with a sofa bed, side tables and small television.

Our careful attention to detail is evident throughout; from the carefully designed layout, the beautifully matched fabrics and the interesting accessories, to the seamless blend of old and new.  The result is a beautiful home that lends itself perfectly to the owners’ way of life.